About Me

I'm Nadia Laws, Owner and Lead Consultant at The Media Maven.

Starting out my career in 2009 as a news reporter with The Royal Gazette, I quickly worked my way up to becoming a senior reporter, qualified through the UK's Press Association. In early 2016, after seven years full time in the fast-paced, but exciting journalism industry, I decided I was ready for a new challenge. I launched The Media Maven in a effort to use my passion for writing and desire to give back, to help corporate clients, small businesses and non-profits to manage, build and preserve their brand identity and message.  

I have been recognised with two Product & Service Awards by The Bermudian magazine, for Best PR Firm in 2018 and Best PR Professional in 2019. My clients have included big corporations like the Bermuda Government, Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and Bermuda Hospitals Board, as well as businesses in industries such as law, finance and reinsurance. 



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