Erica Smith, Executive Director of BEDC

At BEDC multi-tasking is an understatement.  Having The Media Maven come in to assume some of the marketing and PR roles was a gift.  Nadia became a part of the BEDC team with little to no transition time.  She was thrown right into the thick of things and did not miss a beat!  Our Social Media and public profile increased tremendously with her support.  Nadia is proactive, strategic, organized and thorough - all skills needed to be able to effectively manage multiple clients.   I would recommend hiring The Media Maven without hesitation.

Danielle Riviere, Executive Director of The Centre on Philanthropy

Writing is an art form and Nadia from The Media Maven creates true masterpieces!  For the past two years Nadia has written our Good News! Supplement, a collection of positive stories about the local non-profit sector, printed quarterly in The Royal Gazette.  Her ability to capture stories that are heartfelt and resonate with readers is  brilliant.  For companies and organisations who want to share their stories, get their information out there or create marketing materials, The Media Maven is a great asset to have as part of your team.

Rod Farrington, Independent Author and Senior Manager at Gorham's Ltd.

Nadia Laws is very gifted  in the world of public relations.  Her talent far exceeds her years.  I have used her creative talents for both personal and business related projects.  She has the unique ability to ask the right questions and express herself in ways that most professionals could never do.  Her work always exceeds my expectations.

Richard Schuetz, Former Executive Director of Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission

"The Media Maven has a great deal of subject matter expertise in the area of communications, is a skilled listener, and not afraid to challenge the client’s assumptions in assisting in the achievement of plan goals.Nadia is extraordinarily professional and approachable.  She understands the nuances of the boardroom, the technical requirements of communications, and handles this all with a most pleasant demeanor. Nadia always seems to be part of the solution and never  part of the problem. She is a trusted confidant and partner.”

Marilyn and Caleb Zuill, Owners and Operators of Sail Bermuda

"We had the pleasure of working with Nadia in May 2017. Nadia wrote a

terrific article and took great pictures, all released in a timely matter for the

start of the Americas Cup 2017.

The finished article matched the interview very well and it felt easy and

natural to talk to her. Nadia’s professional writing and PR knowledge

resulted in fantastic exposure for our company. We look forward to working with The Media Maven on more articles and press releases in the near future.

Mary Samuels of Chain Reaction Bermuda

"The Media Maven has written some fabulous articles for Chain Reaction Bermuda,  a pro kindness program for schools in Bermuda. Nadia is professional and very efficient. She works with our schedule and deadlines, understands our vision and very quickly captures purpose and passion as the story unfolds in both words and pictures. With so much planning and coordinating required in the delivery of our program it really is great to have Nadia available to help us out with promotion. It is as if she is part of our team."