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three simple ways to attract media to your biz

Updated: Sep 27, 2017

To put it plainly, we absolutely, positively believe in the power of great media coverage.

For close to twenty years (if you add up all our time spent working in newspapers and magazines), we've seen stories written by ourselves or colleagues read and discussed on national radio stations and blogs; shared countless times on social media; and used for good to promote amazing causes here and around the world.

We’ve even experienced how this influential force works first-hand, when after launching our business in August 2016, we landed a story on the front page of The Royal Gazette’s Business section.

Our phones rang incessantly for three or four hours, people randomly stopped us in the streets to congratulate us and at least two or three client leads came from it. For small business owners like us, hustling to get our idea off the ground, it was life changing.

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business and looking to spread the word about your product/ service and get some traction in an already saturated market, here are three tips to help with attracting media attention:

1. Know Your Story:

The biggest mistake I see people making all the time is approaching the media as if coverage is owed to them. It’s not. You have to have something interesting to tell, a story worth sharing that will not only peak a journalist’s interest, but also their thousands of loyal readers. This has to be more than just an advertisement that lists off what you’re selling verbatim. Think about what makes you or your business engaging or inspiring, thought-provoking or unique. Are you a single mom who started your business to make ends meet for your family? Did you get made redundant from your job and choose to make lemonade out of sour lemons? Those are details that make journalists sit up and take notice.

2. Know Who Best To Pitch To:

The best media for your story usually depends on who your target audience is. While you can pitch to everyone and see who bites, journalists love it when you offer them an exclusive. It gives them a little bit of added incentive to do a great job and get your story out in a timely matter. Whether your business caters to stylish Millennials or a more conservative elderly population, figure out where that audience is getting their information from and cater your pitch for that medium.

3. Know How To Time It Properly:

While there are ways to generate more consistent coverage for your business (for instance a weekly or monthly column on a related topic or blog posts), for the most part journalists don’t like to write about the same thing twice. If you’ve already had an article about the launch of your business, try to time subsequent coverage around a big event or launch, so you can get more bang for your buck.

** Bonus tip: Know Your Angles:

If the story on the launch of your interior design/ decor company has already been publicized in the Business section of a local newspaper, try brainstorming other sections that might be interested in a story about you. For instance, if your interior décor firm is helping a family whose home was ravaged by a fire that would make for an awesome News story. If you want to offer tips for 2018 Trends in Home Decor then the Lifestyle section of a newspaper or website might show interest. Don't be afraid to think outside the box a little bit.

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